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Dr. Maurice Levy diagnoses and treats a wide array of foot and ankle problems.

Contact our office if you experience one of the following:


• Persistent pain in your feet or ankles.

• Changes in the nails or skin on your foot.

• Severe cracking, scaling, or peeling on the heel or foot.

• Blisters on your feet.


There are signs of bacterial infection, including:


• Increased pain, swelling, redness, tenderness, or heat.

• Red streaks extending from the affected area.

• Discharge or pus from an area on the foot.

• Foot or ankle symptoms that do not improve after two weeks of treatment with a nonprescription product.

• Spreading of an infection from one area of the foot to another, such as under the nail bed, skin under the nail, • the nail itself, or the surrounding skin.

• Thickening toenails that cause discomfort.

• Heel pain accompanied by a fever, redness (sometimes warmth), or numbness.

• Tingling in the heel; persistent heel pain without putting any weight or pressure on your heel

• Pain that is not alleviated by ice or over-the-counter painkillers (such as aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen).

• Diabetics with poor circulation who develop Athlete's Foot.


Do Not Ignore Foot Pain!


We are Board Certified Podiatrist Serving Patients from Doylestown PA


We provide podiatry care for a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions.  No Matter what you are experiencing, we are here to help!


Routine Foot Care


Treatment of bunions , calluses, clavus, corns, hyperkeratosis and keratotic lesions, keratoderma, nails , plantar keratosis, tyloma or tylomata, and tylosis.


• Ankle Sprains

• Heel Pain

• Toenail Problems

• Foot & Ankle Surgery

• Laser Surgery

• Diabetic Foot Care

• Sports Injuries

• Geriatric

• Pediatric

• Orthotics




Our Podiatrist Serving Doylestown Use The Latest Treatment & Technology


Our podiatrists continuously deliver the best possible outcomes and an improved quality of life for our patients. We do this by utilizing the latest podiatric treatment techniques, cutting-edge technology and a compassionate, gentle approach to patient podiatry care. Like our current patients, you'll find that Dr. Maurice Levy offers an unmatched level of service and treatment.


To learn more about all of the foot and ankle ailments we treat , please feel free to browse our podiatry services page for complete podiatry treatment details.


Dr. Maurice Levy - Podiatrist Serving Doylestown PA


In search of an experienced, caring podiatrist? Dr. Maurice Levy specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and preventive care of foot and ankle problems for patients throughout the Bucks County PA area! Dr. Levy has over 30 Years experience practicing Podiatry in the local area.  Our mission is caring for your feet and ankles.  We often take our feet for granted until a problem arises.  Dr. Maurice Levy and his experienced team are here to help when these problems arise and offer preventive care for your feet and ankles as well!





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